The Very Last, Last Min Gift Guide

So you waited last minute again? After you swore you’d plan ahead and be more organized this time! It’s okay, we’ve all been there; and it’s not too late! Here’s a small and easy gift guide for you last minute shoppers!

So, here’s the line up: 
Shopping for the relaxer is fairly easy, get anything that involves: candles, baths, face scrubs, lotions, and relaxing incense. This is an easy one! Grab anything and everything that says “Lavender”. I picked up a few bath time stocking stuffers for my best friends at Target. The hand cream matches her bath sea salt! Lavender promotes relaxation and will help her wind down at the end of the day!  I threw in a face mask and bath oils!  Is anyone one else thinking… a bath is suddenly sounding really good?

Another great route to take for those bath and body loving friends: Aromatherapy! I recently picked up this set from Target for only $4! I also picked up  a couple cheap loofahs to pair with them. I cant lie, I picked myself one up to! I’m a sucker for anything that smells good!

These products kind of speak for themselves! Girls love: lipgloss, lotions, and luxury fragrances! When it comes to your girly-girl, pick up something pink with a sweet smell and you’re solid!
Most of everything shown above was actually found at Target! The Bare Minerals lipgloss kit was found at a Bare Minerals boutique. 
Shopping for men can be simple too! Here are a couple stocking stuffers for the many men in your life. Keep it simple with men in your family. You know what they really use, so keep it neutral by going with the essentials. Deodorant, face wash, and shaving kits; things everyone always needs more of. These sizes are great if he travels too! Throw in a loofah to round out your gift!
I found my gadget loving gals a couple of helpful techy tools to make their lives a little easier! The tech obsessed doesn’t have to be complicated to shop for. There are so many little gadgets out their designed to improve the technology users experience (for fairly cheap too)!
I bought one of my friends an adorable portable I phone charger. As well as a multi plug so she can charge all of her electronics without taking up her plug space! I know, brilliant!
Thats right, I even have you covered with the things you need to make your wrapping experience fun, cute and appealing! I picked up some mega cute “hooray” wrapping paper with a recycled cardboard feel. I love how organic all my gifts feel this year (the wrapping paper that is).
I used two different types of wrapping paper to create contrast. Then I used black name tags with a chalk marker to give it a really personalized feel! I loved this extra touch! Also, don’t forget your favorite stack of ‘Thank You’ cards just in case you need to add a message of gratitude to one of your gifts! People love personalized messages!
I hope this small and speedy gift guide helped you on your last minute hunt!


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    Glad I kept this as a homepage on my iPad, this was VERY helpful! Thanks!