Spring & Summer Fashion Staples

Here’s a little post showing you some tid-bits I’m loving for this spring/summer! All very self explanatory but I figured I would share with you, since I’m loving fashion inspired blog things this month! Lets get started..

  • Nude Heels! Or pale pink like the picture shown above (ShoeDazzle). I really love heels that have a simple yet chic design like these. They look really elegant on the feet and have a nice chunky heel for comfort if your on your feet all day. I’m all about the comfort y’all! The reason I say nude or pale pastels is because it goes with everything, and of course I’m tempting you to go brighter for the warmer months!


  • Florals. They’re just so pretty! I actually don’t consider myself a very girly-girl but I’m challenging myself to step outside my box in the “pretty stuff” department, so to speak. I love this skirt from Forever21 (got it last year, $7.00; heck yes!) because it combines my fav color, black, with the florals that I’m trying to introduce to my closet. Really living life on the edge here people!
  • A travel pouch. Preferably one with an inspirational quote to give you a little inspo-nudge throughout your day! Assuming you’ll be out and about a little more now that its warmed up, a cute bag will give you something to carry all your ish in. Tucked inside mine is an Ipad cause I just always need that thing, and a floral note pad to feed my stationary obsession as of late.
  • Lastly, (probs most importantly)  a pair of pink 70’s inspired sunnies! I really don’t think this one needs much of an explanation… can we say Chic?!

What are some of your summer necessities? Leave it in a comment!