My Favortie Styling Tools To Achieving Straight Hair

I’ve been keeping you all up to date on my straight hair journey for years, showing you the latest and greatest in styling products I live for to get my results. Today’s focus is on the styling tools I use to get silky, voluminous and STRAIGHT hair. I’ve continued to preach the importance of using pro styling tools in conjunction with pro products to get pro results! Here’s how I do it:

  • Paul Mitchell- Pro Tools Blow Dryer: A good blow dryer is the number one tool to getting smooth, shiny, voluminous hair! Especially if you’re prone to frizz or have curly hair.
    *NOTE: The key is in the concentrator attachment! The direct air flow of the attachment gives me the best results for smoothing my hair. The end results just aren’t the same without this tool.
    *Go ahead and splurge on an expensive blow dryer, you get what you pay for! High end blow driers dry hair faster and cause less heat damage.
  • Tourmaline Thermal Round Brush: I prefer to use a 1-1/2″ brush that is tourmaline because it heats from within the inside of the brush to aid in smoothing the hair. Click here to see my round brush technique, it’s a bit too complex to explain here; however, this technique in conjunction with the hair dryer is ESSENTIAL in getting lustrous, voluminous hair!
  • GHD Classic 1″ Styler: I love this flat iron because it heats in literally 15 seconds and is perfect for smoothing and curling my hair. Feel free to pick any brand flat iron you want, as long as you don’t skimp out on the first two steps!
  • Kuene Straight Cream & Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine: I also love these two products to get my hair really smooth and silky! The cream is a chemical free relaxer that aids in smoothing down frizz and protecting hair from heat. Shimmer shine, hints the name, smells incredible and revives the sheen when things are looking dull. There’s literally gold glitter in it; need I say more?
Throughout the years I’ve managed to narrow down the product/tools list as much as possible. It’s already hard enough trying to tame this beast on my head I call hair! I hope this post helps you in taming yours. What are you favorite products for getting straight hair?


  1. April 23 / 8:15 |

    Your hair looks lovely in this photo. When I go to the hair salon, they always make my hair look similar to yours just with a hair dryer, but whenever I try it, it looks nothing like how they did it. I wish a hair stylist lived in my wardrobe…

  2. April 28 / 10:44 |

    I feel the same Rosie!

    It's taken me years to get the salon techniques down and its still not quite the same!

    Good luck! xox