Mackinac Island – Travel Diary

Here’s a quick little post from my recent adventures to Mackinac Island!

My boyfriend and I recently headed up north for our halfway anniversary (6 months), and loved every bit of it! In a phrase: Mackinac Island is quaint, charming, and historical with a small town feel.


What makes it special:
The small town feel and historical setting is hard to find these days. Every single thing on the island screams historic. No cars aloud on the island, one bank, one church, and only a handful of restaurants. I believe the Island is about 8 miles around and visitors have to take a fairy to get to and from! It’s an amazing place to visit to check out from the everyday hustle and bustle.


What to do: 

We enjoyed bike riding around the entire island and seeing the views while hiking, ice cream parlors, souvenir shopping, tons of sight seeing and exploring the history of the island amongst tons of other things! We even managed to squeeze in a pizza, any place any time; we love pizza! There’s a couple of bars, mini golfing, rocky beaches and much more to do if you have more time on your hands! We only got about 1.5 days there but we made the most of it. It’s family friendly but can be romantic too if you wish it!
Want to see more?

Click here to see a vlog I posted last summer when I went with a few girlfriends:

Have you ever been to Mackinac Island? Where should we go next? Leave it in a comment bellow!



  1. September 1 / 11:58 |

    Thanks so much Eni!


  2. September 5 / 11:15 |

    I grew up very close to Michigan, but have never been to Mackinac! Your photos are lovely- definitely looks like the perfect relaxing spot to visit 🙂

  3. September 13 / 6:24 |

    Yes I love it up north and me and my bf really want to go back!! 😛

  4. September 13 / 6:24 |

    Omg you have to go!! It’s one of my fav places in Michigan. Thanks so much for the lovely comment!

  5. September 27 / 11:25 |

    Awww, it must be so beautiful! Just riding around on bikes and just having a fab time with the girlfriends! I’ll definitely check out the vlog! <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin’

  6. September 29 / 2:52 |

    Exactly! Such a great place to get away and relax near water that’s right in our backyard (for us midwestern-ers) lol, much easier to get to then florida!

    Thanks for the lovely comment Bash!