Fighting Winter Skin • Beef up your Skin Arsenal

        Feeling extremely dry during these harsh winter weather conditions? Have no fear, I’m sharing with you my favorite products that help me beat my parched winter skin! As the temp continues to drop, the moisture is sucked out of the air and unfortunately, that means our skin and hair take a major beating!
        Not to worry! With these products, you’ll win the war against dry winter skin! These are the products I keep in my skincare arsenal to keep my skin fresh and hydrated even in the driest months! From lips, toes to elbows, I got you covered! Read on…

These two products have been saving my skin as of late! I use these two for all over body. I have oily skin however, the dry weather literally sucks the life out of my skin!

*PS: Burt’s Bees is a great product line for all you natural environmentally savvy people out there!

  • Bio Oil:  I rub the two together in a mixture, then literally drench myself in it! I could bathe in this stuff! Even for someone oily, like myself, my skin still craves this hydration at this time of year! I also love the added benefits of this oil defending against stretch marks! We all have em’ and we all hate em’!

Now these two products are essential for battling the dehydrated skin on my face! It’s often the driest and tightest. Having dry skin is extremely uncomfortable but when it comes to my face, its just unacceptable!

  • Bare Minerals Purely Nourishing Cream-Dry Skin: I love this stuff! The Yes-To oil doesn’t quite do the trick on its own so I always follow up with this extremely decadent cream to seal and lock in moisture! Not to mention these two are great for anti aging! Winning!

I love this extras for locking in moisture on the places I need it most, hands and feet! Not to mention, how am I just now getting on the Burt’s Bees band wagon!? Don’t sleep on Burt guys!
  • Burt’s Bees Hand Cream: Keep this nourishing yet non-greasy hand cream in your bag! This has more of a lotion texture. I keep several travel sizes scattered around my house and in my purse and car! I hate having dry hands at any time, let alone in the winter months!
  • Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream: This is probably my favorite hand cream out of all three products listed! The sent is slightly strong but the product it self makes up for it. Trust me! This is for extreme moisture on your hands! Pretty Thick, “greasy”, yet non-sticky salve like texture, but in the most positive way possible! I love this for days of arctic temperatures outside! Let the Vitamin E do its job when your hands need it most!
  • BB- Hand Salve: has more of a Vaseline type of feeling; without the heavy paste feeling. Use this on specific spots on your hands, knees, elbows, and feet that need special attention. This is the travel size seen here, but it’s also sold bigger!
  • BB- Cuticle Cream: Follow up your at home manicures with this delish cuticle cream! Delish because the smell is so refreshing! Lemons, need I say more? This product is a lot less oily then most cuticle creams out there, a huge bonus in my book!
  • BB- Coconut Foot Cream: This is a must after a fresh shower! I actually prefer to only use this product after a shower or bath. It’s a bit too heavy and thick in texture to use directly on dry feet.
Note: I’ve linked these products to the BB website in the full size versions, but you can also find these products in travel sizes, as well as in gift sets! I found mine at Target! 
Lip products, possibly the most essential items in the war against winter skin!  An absolute must to keep things soft, comfortable, and well, kissable at all times!
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy: Does this little guy really need an introduction? Just look at it! The single most cutest beauty product on the market, I know you can agree! This is my all time FAVORITE item for my lips! It’s concentrated, nourishing, clear, has no distracting fragrances, and is a must if you get major dry lips like myself this time of year
  • Burt’s Bees- Replenishing Regenerate: This lip balm is a little less heavy then the Vaseline, nevertheless it feels extremely hydrating with a pleasing light scent. It must be the pomegranate oil! Bonus? It gives you a slightly pink tint to your lips if your feeling drab and washed out by the harsh weather!

So those are the products I keep in my winter skin arsenal! I’ve hopefully prepared you with some pretty tough skincare armor to defend against the harsh weather!

What products do you guys use to combat dry winter skin? Leave me a comment telling my down bellow! And above all, stay pretty, stay hydrated, and stay warm!