5 Steps to Taking the Perfect Bath

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of my “me time” in the tub. There is something incredibly relaxing when you combine nearly too-hot-water, soothing aromas, and a fresh face mask! I thought I would show you a couple of my go-to products for a relaxing bath! If you aren’t on the bath train yet, I strongly encourage you to hop on!

1. The first order of business is to apply a face mask. I’ve recently been obsessed with Cosmetic Warrior from Lush. It’s great for oily and acne prone skin. Don’t be alarmed by the chip dip scent, its less then pleasing, nonetheless it’s a great mask if you have a couple unruly breakouts! Lush’s ingredients are fresh and handmade so a few odd scents are no surprise for a die hard lush fan like myself!  
 2. The second step is to get the bath water ready. While filling the tub I like to add bubbles to the water. You may feel like a 5 year old child doing this, but it just adds to the entire experience, trust me! I use Shower Gel for this. No need to run out and purchase a separate bubble bath product, most of you will have some type of body wash tucked in your cabinets, and the results are the same. 
3. Thirdly, I like to top off the bath with a Bath Bomb from Lush. They come in a variety of scents and benefits but my favorite one currently is Black Berry . I love it’s fresh scent. If you’re feeling froggy the next time you visit a lush store, also try Sex Bomb. It’s very fitting for the spring time, it leaves behind a very pretty surprise! You’ll have to check it out for your selves.
4. Once I’ve soaked enough to resemble a raisin, I get out of the tub and use a body toner and lotion to balance my skin and add much some needed moisture after soaking in that hot water. I got these 2 Apotheke:M products in a set from Target and I love the scent! They kind of smell like fresh linen mixed Jasmine, perfection!

Those are my essentials for my baths lately, a few other things I’d add to this list:

  • A good read, check out: Yes Please, #GirlBoss, and Bossypants — Girl Power! Right?
  • Bath salts: in place of a bath bomb
  • A glass of wine (21+ only please): Heres two of my white and red favorites!
  • A candle, this is a must to set the mood!
Anyone else suddenly in the mood for a bath? Well, then I’ve done my job! Anything you’d add to this list? Let me know in the comments.


  1. April 24 / 2:45 |

    That definitely seems like one refreshing bathing package! i'll definitely try few of these!
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. April 24 / 5:59 |

    Your photography is lovely, great post I love me time. I haven't tried the Lush mask I used to think I'd tried pretty much ever fresh face mask that they stocked but I seem to have missed this one. My favourite Lush bath bombs are Dragon Egg, Twilight and Butterball can't beat a Lush bath bomb


  3. April 25 / 2:25 |

    The Bath Bombs are my fav! I def will give those a try!


    Anto Terese

  4. April 25 / 2:25 |

    Same here! Thats why I love Lush's bath bombs!

    Anto Terese